3 Insanely Viral Recipes On TikTok That Deserve The Hype

TikTok has dominated all platforms and content types; whether it's a dance, ASMR, or a challenge, these 15-second videos hit the mark for everyone. 

Cooking videos are some of the most popular in the app. We all want to see food quickly prepared in a way that is entertaining to watch and easy to try at home. 

The Mysterious Chef is one of many chefs and outdoor cooks featured on the app. 

He launched his TikTok in collaboration with Coolina a little over a year ago. Since then, he has gained over 800 million views and over 5 million followers. 

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Panamanian Sancocho Soup Recipe

Sanchocho is a hearty soup with yuca and chicken that comes from Panama. There are many variations of it out there, but our Mysterious Chef is giving the classic Panamanian dish a new twist. Follow the recipe below to make it at home for a warm fall dinner.

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Veggie Pop Corn Recipe

Take movie night to a whole new level with this extraordinary popcorn recipe. A fan of veggies? Today, vegetables can be used to make anything you like, even popcorn. And that is precisely what we want to share with you today. The Mysterious Chef knows how to keep his audience on edge. So he presented this incredibly delicious popcorn recipe that anyone can make.

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Picanha Bourguignon Recipe

The Mysterious Chef enjoys cooking meat and does so whenever he has the opportunity. This recipe is ideal for him and for those who love preparing a large piece of meat in a unique way that makes the guests hanker after more. 

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