My close friend and I have been fascinated by handmade kitchenware since our school years. But back in the day, it was exceedingly difficult to find an online store that sold authentic yet inexpensive handmade knives. We decided the best way to fix that sad reality was to open our own. Consequently, In 2017, on a hot summer afternoon, Coolina was born. 

We were so passionate about handmade craftsmanship that we didn’t mind investing all our savings in this store. After all, we genuinely wanted everyone to share our passion, learn, and appreciate traditional craftsmanship that goes into making a steel knife. And people did. 

Coolina has come a long way and grew online immensely, becoming known all over the world. Now, we have a small team of professionals who are behind the success of our brand and a massive community of loyal shoppers. 

Our primary mission is to satisfy our customers by providing them the best shopping experience possible. That is why we devote so much attention to the quality of our products, customer service, and fair prices. These incredible people contribute to Coolina’s success tremendously. They remain the number one salesman of our brand and their satisfaction means the world to us. 

We established Coolina with a belief that handmade production will bring the highest quality and the most affordable prices to the industry that we admire so much. And to this day, we continue to sharpen that strong belief with our honing rod Coolina.