How to Cut, Clean, and Cook a Fish in 6 Steps

Let’s say, you have caught a fish or bought it fresh from the market or you are still thinking about buying it but you have no idea how to cut, clean and cook it. To help you out with that unfortunate matter, we have created this short and easy guide and a little Salmon-related recipe at the end.

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Top 5 ways of making a top-notch steak

Steak is a very popular dish amongst meat lovers and every fancy restaurant has it on their menu. But what if we don’t want to go to a restaurant for our favourite dish? Is it that hard to cook it at home, that we never even try and assume that only professional chefs can cook a top-notch steak? No, not really. Today my friend, we are making a bold claim that you can cook the best steak of your life at home...


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Damascus steel doesn’t exist or does it?

Whether you are planning on forging your own knife or buying one, you have definitely encountered with the name of the greatest steel there is - Damascus steel -

We say that Damascus steel doesn’t exist, yet you often see it written in descriptions of knives online. So, are we saying that you are being fooled? 

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