How to care for Coolina Knives

As any other regularly used kitchen utensil, Coolina’s handmade knives need good care. You don’t have to spend hours taking care of them but there are a couple of important things that they do need in order to stay as fresh as the day you bought them. Here we have listed our knife care instructions for those who own a Coolina knife or those who are thinking of getting one. 
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How to sharpen steel knives

A sharp knife is a crucial component for any kitchen; whether it is in a professional restaurant or a summer house. Frankly, buying a sharp knife is not enough; you have to keep your knives sharp throughout the years otherwise, buying a new knife every month or so will become a habit.

So, “how to keep a knife sharp?” You ask. Well, the best way to keep a kitchen knife sharp for a very long time is by sharpening it regularly...

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