Top 5 Chef's Kitchen Knives: Our picks

The chef’s knife is the most important kitchen tool for any cook, therefore, the buzz around finding the right one. If you are one of those people who are struggling to find their right one, then our list of top-quality chef’s knives is just for you. But first and foremost, we need to find out what chef’s knives are and what are they used for. 

The most versatile knife in the kitchen, the chef’s knife is designed to perform a variety of kitchen tasks, from slicing and chopping fruits and vegetables to mincing herbs to cutting through large slabs of meat and disjointing bones. That is what is great about Chef knives, you buy one and use it for cutting everything. The blades of these knives are carefully designed to guarantee the versatility; the pointed tip is used for detailed work where the heavier heal of the blade handles tougher cuts. 

Let’s have a look at our top 5 Chef’s kitchen knives: 

  1. The MAJIME™ - 8 Inch Professional Japanese Chef's Knife


The blade is crafted over 60 days using Damascus steel...the same material used to make ultra-sharp Japanese samurais and katanas. With the MAJIME™ Knife, you'll feel like slicing, dicing, filet mincing Ninja in your kitchen. Exquisite 67-layer Damascus pattern minimizes the chances of food sticking to the blade. This Knife cuts meat better than an electric knife. It goes through frozen food as though it were melted butter! It is so sharp it can cut through a tin can & still perfectly slice a tomato! It can even chop wood & still remain razor-sharp. 

Tapered Bolster provides a perfect ‘zero-balance’, finger protection & encourages a natural, comfortable grip.

Key Features and specifications



Stain & Rust Resistant 

Edge Retention at 62+ 

Rockwell Robust & Durable Handle

Moisture, heat & impact resistant 

Tapered Bolster 

Comfortable grip

Blade Material: Damascus Steel 

  1. Promaja


The Promaja™ Signature Series Chef’s Knife is carefully handmade using ancient techniques in Europe by Master Artisan bladesmiths using Serbian Sarchach steel. These proprietary techniques result in a more superiorly crafted knife.

Key Features and specifications




extremely sharp 


  1. The Altomino Tungsten Steel Knife


This one is on a more larger side, which is actually perfect because not only it is multipurpose but also very tough.  

The blade of this gorgeous knife is made out of German Tungsten steel, which is famous for being extremely strong and durable. It has even been used as a material for rocket engine nozzles. That is how tough this steel is. Imagine it as a knife; It will smoothly slice through anything. The edge of the blade is extremely sharp and keeps its sharpness for a long time. The beautiful wooden handle is designed to be very comfortable for the handgrip and it balances out the blade perfectly.

Key Features and specifications

Blade Material: German tungsten steel clip steel 

Handle Material: High-quality Color wood

Full length: 29 cm 

Blade length: 18 cm 

Blade width: 4 cm (The widest point) 

Blade thickness: 3 mm 

Hardness: 57-58 HRC. 

  1. Altomino Handmade Chef Knife



Crafted with high-quality steel - the blade is carefully sharpened using proprietary ancient techniques that produce a razor, almost “surgical” sharp blade that can even cut through bone with shocking ease. The natural hand-forged look of the blade provides a gritty and rustic look which makes it feel raw and authentic. Each blade goes through multiple hand inspections to ensure flawless design and precision function.

Key Features and specifications

Total Length:  11.6 in ( 29.5 cm )
Blade Length:  7.1 in ( 18 cm )
Handle Length:  4.5 in ( 11.5 cm )
Blade Width:  1.6 in ( 4.0 cm )
Blade thickness:  0.1 in ( 0.30 cm )
Weight: 0.77 lb ( 350 g )
Hardness: 60 HRC.
Blade Material: High Manganese Steel Clad Steel
Handle Material: Full Tang integrated steel shank + wood + rivet fixing

  1. Altomino Handmade Butcher Knife

The phenomenal Altomino knives have come a long way to earn their place rightfully by using techniques and materials of ancient traditions. The high-quality Manganese steel of the blade was hand-forged by professional blacksmiths and has a rough authentic look to it, which is a perfect stylish touch for any kitchen. The perfectly balanced, thin and extremely sharp blade gives you a chance to see how the separation of meat and bone is done properly.

Key Features and specifications

Total Length:  10.4 in ( 26.5 cm )
Blade Length:  5.7 in ( 14.5 cm )
Handle Length:  4.7 in ( 12.0 cm )
Blade Width:  2.6 in ( 6.5 cm )
Blade thickness:  0.1 in ( 0.30 cm )
Weight: 0.77 lb ( 350 g )
Material: Hand-forged high Manganese steel, Clad steel
Handle Material: Full tang integrated steel shank, wood and rivet fixing

In conclusion: When choosing your chef’s knife pay attention to the size, the style, the steel, and the handle. These things should match your needs perfectly especially if you're investing and you want a longlasting knife. But no matter how high quality your choice is, it will definitely need good care. Follow our guide on how to make your kitchen knives last longer and you are good to go. 



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