DIY Easter Egg Decorations

It’s impossible to have a complete Easter celebration without some egg decoration! And since we don’t get many exciting events these days, why not go all out this Easter and take our DIY to the next level? Get your kids involved and let your imagination run free. To help you out with some fresh new ideas, we have selected some of the most unique and easy DIY egg decoration tutorials. Feel free to choose your favorite one, gather your supplies, and get going!
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DIY how to decorate for a romantic night in

February 14th is just around the corner, and everyone is running out of ideas of what to do, especially with Covid-19 restrictions making things even harder than they already are. So why not strip it all back and arrange a cozy romantic date at home?

We all know that Valentine’s Day is always more special when you craft things by hand. That is why we’ve gathered some beautiful DIY ideas to set the romantic mood for your night in. Not to mention the fun you’ll have while crafting these. 

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DIY Christmas Decor to "Spruce" Up Your Home

This year just flew by, but we’re not complaining since the holidays are finally close. If you can’t wait to bring that cozy Christmassy spirit to your home, you can start by putting up some decorations. We thought you might like some DIY ideas for this year’s festive decorations. That is why we have listed some very easy and quick ideas for you to choose from. You’ll end up having a lot of fun if you’re into crafts and save up in the process. 
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