Quarantine Friendly Mother's Day Activities 2020

This year’s mother’s day is probably going to be a weird one but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it and celebrate with the mother’s in our lives. This year, you might want to put a lot more effort to show your appreciation since you can’t get away with just a nice lunch out. That is why we are here to help you out with some quarantine friendly activities for celebrating Mother’s day 2020. 

  1. Send her a big bouquet of flowers

Now, many of you don’t have your moms with you for this year, but you can still make it work buy sending a delivery person with a big bouquet of roses to her doorstep. Trust us, this will make her day special and you will get a lovely call from your mom. 

  1. Make a donation in her name

With the unfortunate situation going on in the world, donating to help those in need is the least we can do. Your mother or your wife will definitely be touched by the idea of a donation in their name instead of something materialistic that they can get another time.  

  1. Have a picnic in the garden

Let’s not forget about the mothers that we live with. Yes, we might not be able to have dinner at a fancy restaurant but who can say no to a lovely afternoon picnic in the garden? Of course, if the weather is nice outside and you are one of those lucky people who have a garden. 

  1. Make dinner for her

In case if you don’t have a garden, there is no need to worry. We might be stuck in our apartments but we can enjoy our Mother’s day nonetheless. You most definitely know the favorite dish of your mom or your wife. So its time to surprise them with it while they relax and have a glass of rose. 

  1. Clean the house 

Another thing that you can do for her is cleaning and tidying the house while she relaxes. This might not be the most fun activities but she will appreciate a lot if not more than any present. Even if she tries to help, don’t let her, sit her in front of her favorite TV show and give her some snacks.

  1. Have a Skype dinner 

Turn your Skype call into a lovely dinner and have some wine while conversing as if you are in the same room together. You can also do a group chat with your other family members and have a Skype dinner party in the name of Mother’s day. This will cheer your mom the most. 

In conclusion: No matter what you choose to do for your mom, remember that safety is the most important thing right now. So follow the instructions of your government and stay safe folks. 



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