Magnetic knife rack VS Wooden knife block

It's an overwhelming decision to choose in between these two. After all, one of them could be the reason your knives get blunt so often. Both variants have the task of keeping kitchen knives safe and easy to access at any moment. These storage methods differ greatly and we’re going to find out which one is better: Knife block or magnetic rack?

Magnetic knife rack

A magnetic knife rack or a holder is essentially a strip of magnetic material mounted on the kitchen wall. Kitchen knives are placed onto it easily and remain there due to the magnetism. 


  • Magnetic holders are exposed to the open air, meaning they as well as the knives, dry quickly. This reduces the risk of germs and rust due to dampness. Since the slots in a knife block are narrow, they take time to dry and because of that a lot of knives get rusty or blunt.
  • You can store other metallic kitchen tools on them, like scissors. 
  • They can be mounted anywhere on the kitchen wall and won’t take space on your kitchen counter. 
  • You can use the magnetic strip to store knives of all shapes and sizes, unlike a knife block, which has slots to match specific knives.
  • Some magnetic holders are expandable, so if your knife collection grows, all you need to do is extend your strip. Knife blocks, on the other hand, are limited. 


  • If the magnetic material is not strong enough, the knives could fall off.
  • You might not want to drill your kitchen wall, which is the case with most magnetic racks. 
  • The sharp edges of the knives are exposed, so you should pin the rack high up on the wall away from children and pets. 

Wooden knife block

The classic wooden knife block has several knife slots, in which the kitchen knives are inserted for storage and since the knife blades are usually completely enclosed by the block, this storage is considered to be particularly safe.


  • Number 1 is safety as stated before.
  • Wooden knife blocks come in different designs.
  • They look very sophisticated and professional. 


  • It takes up space on the kitchen counter.
  • Wooden knife blocks are not designed for different sizes and shapes of blades most of the time.
  • The slots provide an environment for germs and rusting can be a big problem especially for steel blades. 

In conclusion: Before choosing your knife holder you need to choose your priorities, is it extreme safety? or Is it sharp knives? You decide. Our collection consists of steel knives and considering the pros and cons listed above, we choose magnetic knife racks. 

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