DIY Christmas Decor to "Spruce" Up Your Home

This year just flew by, but we’re not complaining since the holidays are finally close. If you can’t wait to bring that cozy Christmassy spirit to your home, you can start by putting up some decorations. We thought you might like some DIY ideas for this year’s festive decorations. That is why we have listed some very easy and quick ideas for you to choose from. You’ll end up having a lot of fun if you’re into crafts and save up in the process. 

  1. Jingle Bell Runner Table Decorations

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This little decorative peace just screams Christmas time and jolliness. It is very easy to make so you can involve children and have fun, we all need a bit of that in 2020. 

How to make it: Cut holly leaves from dark and light green cardstock. Use a bone folder or wooden skewer to indent veins in leaves, then trace indents with a green colored pencil. Run down the center of the table, lay red jingle bells throughout, and you’re done! 

  1. Evergreen garland for your fenceposts. 

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An outside peace to provide your street with the Christmas spirit. If you don’t have fenceposts, you can easily attach this to your staircase, fireplace or anywhere you like. 

How to make it: Tie foraged cypress and pine clippings onto an inexpensive faux garland, then decorated it with craft-store berries and oversized burlap bows. As quick as that and you are left with a beautiful holiday themed garland. 

  1. String Light Lanterns

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It doesn’t get easier than this DIY, but it makes such a change by giving the room the coziest feeling. 

How to make it: All you have to do is put some string lights inside a lantern and then cluster them in your fireplace or wherever you’d like them be. 

  1. DIY Citrus Garland 

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Dried fruits garlands are not only extremely easy to make, but also very stylish and rustic. So don’t hesitate and try it out, you might like them as decorative pieces for the kitchen. 

How to make it: It really is too easy. Cut and dry some oranges and simply use twine, nylon thread, or wire to assemble the garland.

  1. Window Decorations

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Why not decorate the windows as well? Especially if you don’t have snow where you live, it can make the view a bit more festive. 

How to make it: Cut freehand stars out of cardboard and poke cloves through one star for an affordable, natural air freshener.

In conclusion: The key is having fun while you make these DIY decorations. That is why they’re very easy to make and anyone can do it, even those who aren’t into arts and crafts. 

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