DIY Thanksgiving Decorations to Wow Your Guests

Cooking with the fam is hands down the best part of Thanksgiving but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some DIY in there. It will be great fun with the kids and very rewarding when it comes to taking pictures. 

  1. Thanksgiving Garland 

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Nowadays, taking photos is one of the most important parts of any gathering. So preparing a photo prop is the right thing to do. This sparkly garland is the perfect backdrop decoration for your thanksgiving photos. You can easily make it with card stock, a string, and a stapler—but don't forget the glitter to really make it pop.


  1. Gold-Dipped Leaf Name Card

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Autumnal nature gives us all the decorations we need, we just need to make some small changes. These name cards are a simple way to add a natural element to your place settings and not spend too much time or money on decorations. You can flatten the leaves by leaving them in a book for a day. Here is the 3 step process of this easy DIY:

  1. Apply a thin layer of gilding adhesive. Let dry for ~15 minutes.
  2. Apply gold (aluminum or copper, your choice!) leaf, brush on to make it stick to adhesive.
  3. Apply a thin layer of metal leaf sealer on top of imitation gold leaf.

  1. Wheat Cloches

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This one requires minimum effort but it looks so thought out and unique. You can make this harvest display by turning a cloche upside down and inserting a bushel of wheat tied with twine. Once it's centered, turn it right side up. You can finish the look with pillar candles and gourds or use leftover wheat to adorn candle holders. 

  1. Pumpkin Vase

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Another effortless yet gorgeous DIY to wow your guests completely. This carved out faux pumpkin filled with fall foliage and flowers will make a stunning centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. It’s pretty self explanatory and can be done even by beginner DIYers 

  1. Gold-Dipped Corn Husk Wreath

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You might not be able to have many guests around this year, but at least your neighbors can admire this gorgeous fall wreath hanging on your door. This one might take longer than the other DIY but it’s worth it. 

  1. Wrap corn husks around an 18-inch diameter straw wreath, using a hot-glue gun to adhere the edges. You'll need about 35 husks to completely cover the wreath form.
  2. Using a foam brush, paint the tips of 48 additional corn husks with gold acrylic paint; let dry (about 15 minutes).
  3. Starting with the outer edge of the wreath, use hot-glue to adhere three concentric rings of 16 corn husks each. (Attach the second ring to the middle of the wreath and the third to its inner edge.) For the second and third rings, position the tip of each corn husk between two corn husks from the previous ring.

In conclusion: All of these DIY are very easy to do and won’t take much time so don’t stress and don’t forget to have fun, and take pictures of your amazing decorations before the kids destroy them. 

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