DIY how to decorate for a romantic night in

February 14th is just around the corner, and everyone is running out of ideas of what to do, especially with Covid-19 restrictions making things even harder than they already are. So why not strip it all back and arrange a cozy romantic date at home?

We all know that Valentine’s Day is always more special when you craft things by hand. That is why we’ve gathered some beautiful DIY ideas to set the romantic mood for your night in. Not to mention the fun you’ll have while crafting these. 

  1. Heart Table Runner

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All you need is some foam or paper hearts in any color you like and hot glue. 


  1. Decide how long you want the runner to be. 
  2. Put a small dab of hot glue on the bottom (pointed part) of one heart, and overlap another just a bit so it covers the end. 
  3. Keep going until you have the length you want and you’ll have a lovely runner for your Valentine’s Day dinner date. 

  1. Mason Jar Votives

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Mason jar lanterns are the ultimate cozy mood setters, so let’s make them together for this special night in. 


  1. Use a few different sizes of mason jars for this project. Take some vinyl and cut out hearts of different sizes. Then stuck the hearts inside of each of the jars, centering them in the middle.
  2. After that, you need to pour a little bit of the polyurethane into the jar and put the lid back on. Then shook the polyurethane around in the jar until the whole jar is covered in polyurethane.
  3. You can also pour glitter into the bottom of the jar and put the lid back on. Then shake the jar until glitter covers the inside. Next, you’ll have to take the lid off the jar and let it dry out overnight.
  4. Once the polyurethane is dry, you can peel the heart off each of the jars. The last thing you need to do is add a flameless votive tealight and light it up.

  1. Custom Reed Diffuser

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Nothing sets a romantic mood better than a sweet scent spread by a diffuser. Rather than buying an overpriced one online or going on a tiering shopping spree, you can make one at home.

For this project you’ll need a little ceramic or glass vase, rattan diffuser reeds or Bamboo skewers, sweet almond oil, and your favorite essential oil. 


  1. Pour sweet almond oil or safflower oil in 1/2 cup increments into the ceramic or glass vase.
  2. Add 30 - 50 drops of essential oils per 1/2 cup of base oil. 
  3. Give the vase a good shake or stir to mix oils.
  4. Stick in 5 - 8 reed diffuser sticks. You can also cut off the pointed ends of bamboo skewers, if you have extras on hand. Flip the reeds or skewers after one hour or when half-saturated.
  5. For a stronger scent, flip reeds once every week and replace the oil mixture once a month.

  1. Heart Vase

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This very simple craft project will provide the room with the magic of love. Here are all the materials it requires: scrapbook paper in pinks, reds, glitters or whatever you like, some baker’s twine in pink and red, clip on birds (optional), a couple of tree branches, white spray paint, white pitcher or vase. 


  1. Gather your bunch of branches and make sure they are of a similar height. 
  2. Lay the branches out on newspaper and spray them white. 
  3. Start by clipping the birds on the branches. Make sure they are evenly scattered.
  4. Cut out hearts .
  5. Make a hook in the twine by knotting it with a little loop.
  6. Hang the hearts evenly throughout the branches.

  1. Match Your Linens With Florals

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This extremely subtle touch of festivity is for those sophisticated people who don’t want to go overboard with cheesy decorations. Plus, it doesn't get more effortless than this “craft", yet it’s absolutely charming. 

If you’re an avid fan of arts and crafts, you’ll definitely enjoy this unique way of preparing for the festive day. 

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