Celebrating Mother's Day 2020 From Afar

With the current situation of the world, we are all forced to keep a distance from our friends and family, especially the elderly. Yet holidays like Mother’s day are still happening and there’s nothing left to do but to adapt. If you’re one of those people who can’t be with their mom on Mother’s day, this is for you. We have selected a few fun ways to celebrate Mother’s day while keeping the distance.

  1. Send her a care package

While we’re all stuck at home with a lot of free time on our hands, it’s the perfect period to do all the things we love. Our moms tend to forget about their hobbies while they take care of everyone, so let them remember what they love to do. If your mom loves water colouring, fill her care package with a nice set of watercolour paints, different sized brushes, and a nice sketchbook. Filling that sketchbook with fun sketches will be a great activity throughout this quarantine. Or if your mom is a movie geek, it’s the perfect time to get her that Netflix subscription and a care package full of snacks. If she is a reader, you know what to do. You can fill your package with whatever fits your mom better. 

  1. Big celebration on Zoom

Gather your siblings and other family members who can join, bring your favourite family photos, videos, stories and host a Zoom call. Mom will feel as if she’s there with you and most importantly, she’ll feel loved by everyone. Talk about all the great memories and things about mom and let her know how much she means. At the end of the day, it’s all about the family and not the fancy things you can get her. Bring your food and drinks as well, so it will feel like a real dinner party in honour of mom. 

  1. Send her heartwarming mail

Do it the oldfashioned way, why not? Have all her grandkids make a special DIY for her and send them all to her mail. This will surprise her and hopefully make her day feel special. You can add a classic Mother’s day card from you and all the siblings as well. This might be a tough time for everyone, but we can still get nice memories from it. You’ll look back in a couple of years at how you celebrated mother’s day in 2020 and feel grateful for the present day.

  1. Cook with her online 

Remember your favourite dish that she used to cook for you? Well, it’s time to learn how to cook it yourself. Have a video call with your mom and all your siblings and cook that recipe altogether. You can also have a bet in who will ask mom the most questions. This will be a lot of fun for her and will definitely brighten her mood for a long time. And when you’re all done, you can gather around your computer screens and have your meals together. Playing games afterwards with a glass of your favourite beverage is a must. 

  1. Send her a playlist 

This is a great one if your mom loves music, even if she doesn’t add some music to her day might brighten it a little. Making a playlist is an art in itself, you need to know what the person you’re making it for love to listen to. Or her general taste in music and what new things she might like. There are many apps like Spotify that will be at your service for this task. Choose cheerful songs and remind her that even the small things, like putting on a nice playlist, can make your day more enjoyable even if days seem too similar now. 

In conclusion: Thanks to the internet, it doesn’t matter if you can’t meet your mom on mother’s day, there are still many ways to make her day a special one. 



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