5 fun activities to do on mother's day with your mom as an adult

A day that every mother deserves a special treat to make her feel loved even more than she already feels. A day that is all about her and what she loves with her beloved children. Even if you are a bit old to DIY cards and flowers, you can always greet her with a fresh bucket of spring flowers and a little note to make her smile.

Our mothers spend their lives taking care of us and loving us with the whole heart and they at least deserve many days to be centred around them. Especially on mother’s day, they shall be the centre of our attention and affection.

It is hard to think of new exciting presents to gift your mom every year, but spending the day with her never gets old. That is why we have a list of 5 fun activities that you and your mother can spend the day doing. After all, memories are far more important than material things.


1. Make dinner

The first and simplest thing that you can do with your mother is cooking dinner with her or for her, which is, of course, much better. She will relax with a glass of her favourite wine while you and maybe your siblings will cook for her as she used to cook for all of you every day. 

Think of a dish that she really loves, maybe it is roasted chicken, maybe it is beef steak or spicy curry. Or just something that you cook the best and your mom definitely knows it. Whatever it is, cook it with love and remember that the point is having a great time and great conversations in the kitchen. And if you know that she would love to help you out instead just sitting there, let her do that, it is all about what she would like to do.

but make sure to do all the heavy cutting, frying, and other things that will exhaust your mother. 

Serve the table with her favourite plates and glasses, gather the family, pour the drinks yourself and say a nice little speech for your beloved mother. You know her better, so choose this activity if you know she will prefer having this dinner at home with her whole family than dressing up and going to a fancy restaurant.


2. Wine tasting 

This one is a more fun one especially for those who love wine, who doesn’t right? There is at least one type of wine that your mother will definitely like. Wine tasting is something that not everybody does regularly or even once in their lives, so doing this with your mom on mother’s day can be quite special and a great opportunity to bond with her as an adult.

Find a nice restaurant or a vineyard, which will be a more fun experience for all of you. She will wear her nicest dress and will feel like on vacation on her special day. Peak a good vineyard that has amazing views of nature and organize a road trip to there with occasional stops to take a nice picture of your mom.

You will definitely have a lot of fun and she will tell about that amazing day for a long time.  


3. Visit a museum

This one is specifically for those moms who love art and appreciate it, but there are also many interactive and fun museums that you can visit with her. Surprise her with new and fun things. It will be a great opportunity for her to spend a whole afternoon in town and not worry about anything.

You can go to the park afterwards and have a nice stroll around or to a little outdoor cafe, to have some lunch. It is all about having a pleasant relaxing time while conversing about life and even talking about art, which your mom may have missed.

People tend to get caught up with life and forget about simple visual pleasures such as art, reminding them, can be a very touching thing.


4. Dinner at a fancy restaurant

This one is for the moms who love dressing up and going out to or those who love it but never really do it anymore. It will be a great occasion for her to put some effort and wear her favourite dress out. It will also be a great opportunity to have some alone time with her and have a conversation that maybe you wanted to have for a long time. Or just talk about life in general, revisit some funny childhood memories, and have a chat about the future.

With the years going by, life drifts some of us away from our parents and days like this are a perfect opportunity to show them how much we care and love them.

Choose a restaurant that suits her taste the best and has at least a couple of things on the menu that she will love. You don’t want to go somewhere that she will not like or somewhere that she won’t find anything to eat.


5. Picnic 

A nice afternoon picnic in the park or out of the city or even in your garden can be a perfect choice when the weather is nice outside. It will be a great opportunity to have the whole family out, play games, talk and eat great picnic food. You can also make a delicious spring BBQ steaks or hamburgers if you are in your garden.

If you end up going outdoors, don't forget to bring crucial things such as blankets, plates, a sharp knife, plastic glasses, plates, cutlery, outdoor cookware if you are planning to cook and so on. If you don't have a grill, you can also use a double pan

Your other will definitely enjoy a nice picnic outdoors with the whole family surrounding her and showing love.

Organize everything perfectly so there won’t be any stress; the blankets, drinks, food, a tent and so on.



At the end of the day, you know your mother better and you can choose, which one of these activities will be perfect for her special day. It is not about the budget or anything extravagant; Even the smallest things can make her feel loved and happy.

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